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We are ON THE MOVE again!!!!


Where I've been, where I'm going!

CANDYFLOSS TOP HATS, Tickle Trunk and Treasures has received a great deal of recognition for her Top Hats within the community. 
Make sure to visit the booth at the next Event announced!


Due to Covid Restrictions, New Events to be Announced

Over the past year Covid-19 Restrictions have put a halt to all outdoor vendor style events.  We are waiting patiently and following the Gov't directives to keep everyone safe.  We will let you know, as soon as we know, what/where our next events will be held.

In the meanwhile I will wander down memory lane and drift back on my many successful events...Havelock Country Jamboree, REM Vintage Car Show, Coldwater Steampunk Festival, Midland Buttertart Festive and many, many more.  The friends that I have made and the outfits we created together for our performers was so much fun.  Perhaps you've seen me around Ontario at a Music Festivals, or I've had the privilege of helping you pick out an outfit.  If not, remember to keep your eyes out at your local events for my booth.  Don't be shy, come say hello and try on one of my Top Hats.  Take time to take a picture or try something on.  If nothing else, it will make you smile! 

Hope you see you around soon.  Keep watch for my updates!

Havelock 2013 booth.jpg

Doing it Differently: Artists to Watch

I started bringing my leather and lingerie to local dance clubs, drag shows, Artists markets, anywhere people would be enjoying themselves (as many were too intimidated to enter a Lingerie brick and mortor shop).  This was a first for many small communities around Ontario.  I then broke all the rules in 2012 and was the first outdoor Lingerie booth at the famous Havelock Country Jamboree.  Lingerie, Leather, Top Hats, corsets, and Steampunk Fun!  Both concert goers and Stage Performers alike  LOVED grabbing something festive to wear to make themselves Stand Out!  After all, who doesn't enjoy playing DRESS UP!  I had a blast watching them leave with smiles from ear to ear.

So come pop in to my booth if you see me at an event you are attending.  I give you the permission to PLAY and ENJOY yourself!

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