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I have been in this business for over 10 years now, both with a boutique shop and attending various music events all over Ontario as a Vendor.  Here is a bit of history on it.  The name Candyfloss comes from years ago when I made that GREAT decision to get a pink Mohawk hairstyle. After that it was 'Hey Candyfloss', or 'Candy' to my friends.  It then followed suit that my company name would have to fit the personality soooo ...*BAM* it happened! When I started thinking of setting up my company, naturally Candyfloss came to mind so therefore one "Candyfloss Lingerie" was born. I sold mostly corsets and Leather (which are my passion) but somehow I always thought something was missing.  My outfits always needed something to complete a look to make a style, a statement! Something was missing...hmmm...but what?!  So I started thinking...A Mask, a Prop...WHAT!? Then it hit me...I KNOW...A HAT...A TOP HAT! Sooooo one CANDYFLOSS TOP HATS Tickle Trunk and TREASURES was born!
Everybody fell in love with my ONE-OF-A-KIND, NEVER DUPLICATED, WEARABLE WORKS OF ART, My Top Hats! They would try them on and fall in LOVE!   Often people would ask me "but where would I wear this"!? My answer was always "EASY".  "Wear it to Concerts, to Festivals, to your Buddy's back yard BBQ, even Grocery Shopping"! Why not! Let's face it, Life is too short not to make a statement to the world! When you wear my creations Proudly, you will be noticed by people around you! Be LOUD and PROUD! After all, blending in rather denotes a lack of courage to be your true self, don't you think! Put that with a UNIQUE Corset, Tux jacket, skirt, pant, or whatever floats your boat and ROCK YOUR OWN STYLE!

So why don't you let me help style your next big adventure with a CANDYFLOSS TOP HAT!

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